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Two Oceans Aquarium

Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the Two Oceans Aquarium has much to offer as an educational and tourist venue. Specializing in the marine fauna and flora off the South African coastline, the aquarium boasts a large cold water kelp exhibit, complete with swell generator and a predator exhibit with ragged tooth sharks, a variety of rays, turtles and pelagic fish.

The Aquarium is one of the top tourist attractions in Cape Town and over 3000 living sea animals, including sharks, fishes, seals, turtles and penguins can be seen in this spectacular underwater nature reserve.

Feeding time in the predator exhibit is a popular attraction for young and old, as divers hand-feed the sharks and other animals. The aquarium also offers a unique chance for sport divers to spend time in the predator exhibit with the ragged tooth sharks, under the watchful eye of one of the aquarium’s divers.

The Aquarium has been designed to create maximum effect and is particularly impressive when sunlight hits the surface of the water in the two main exhibits, creating shafts of blue light. The ever-swaying kelp forest looks beautiful as fish swim slowly about, making the exhibit look just like the real thing, thereby creating a perfect back-drop for television interviews.

The Two Oceans Aquarium offers adventure diving with sharks, spectacular function and conference venues and activities for kids. The Aquarium is also involved in fascinating ocean projects, including shark conservation and sunfish research, and offers exciting environmental education programmes.

Dive with ragged-tooth sharks (sand tigers), shoals of large predators, rays and a turtle in the I&J Predator Exhibit. Experience an adrenalin rush with ragged-tooth sharks as they glide past. This close encounter will leave you with greater appreciation for these sleek, bronze predators. The two million-litre I&J Predator Exhibit is also home to an impressive collection of other large predatory fish from the South African coast.

Alternatively feed the multitude of fishes in the Kelp Forest Exhibit, one of the best displays of its kind in the world or experience a moment in diving history with the copper hat dive.

Scuba qualifications are required. Contact the Bookings Co-ordinator at the Two Oceans Aquarium on +27-21-418-3823 or

In 2003 the Aquarium joined forces with AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) and the Save our Seas Foundation to raise awareness of the plight of sharks worldwide and the desperate need for their conservation. The Save Our Seas Foundation M-Sea (Maxine Science, Education and Awareness) Programme aims to gain scientific information about ragged-tooth sharks and to raise awareness of their plight.

Read more about the Two Oceans Aquarium and Save Our Seas Foundation M-Sea Programme by going to our links page.

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