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Mozambique has much to offer the natural history filmmaker. It has a long coastline, stretching from South Africa to Tanzania. While years of civil war have left the infrastructure underdeveloped, the economy is picking up quickly and the facilities are adequate. This gives one a real sense of exploration and excitement.

In the south Ponto do Oura or "Point of Gold" offers well established diving and accommodation. Dives like "The Pinnacles" offer world class diving with lots of big fish, rays and sharks. Further north many other good diving sites are to be found, including areas renowned for humpback whales.

Here the ecosystem is very different to that of the cold Atlantic Ocean. In fact, if you draw an imaginary line from Ponto do Oura due west to the Atlantic coast, you will end up near the small village of Luderitz surrounded by the arid Namib Desert. On comparing these two areas, not only are vast differences to be found in the terrestrial landscape but in the marine environment as well. Whereas the west coat supports a lower species bio diversity and a higher species biomass, the east coast supports a higher species bio diversity and a lower species biomass. In other words, in clear nutrient poor water, there is more competition between species.

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