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(Above) A view of Constantia Valley looking south. Note the vineyards in the foreground with False Bay in the distance. To the right (western side) of the photograph, the Table Mountain range runs southwards to Cape Point. The Atlantic Ocean stretches to the west and south of Table Mountain.

The coast of Southern Africa is washed by two mighty ocean currents. On the west coast, the cold Benguela Current flows northwards from the Southern Atlantic Ocean while on the east coast, in the Indian Ocean, part of the South Equatorial Current breaks away to form the tropical Mozambique current and, in turn, this massive volume of water sweeps further south becoming the cooler Agulhas Current. These currents mix in a complex and variable system of giros and eddies off the southern tip of Africa.

The result of this is an area of unique bio diversity, both marine and terrestrial. The three major marine ecosystems are: cold, temperate and semi-tropical. Furthermore, there are seasonal coastal migrations of certain sharks, marine mammals and birds and seasonal variations in temperature, mainly driven by prevailing winds (up welling) and localized coastal currents (counter currents).

Water temperature, visibility and available nutrients sometimes change rapidly over a relatively small area and vary, not only seasonally but sometimes daily or even hourly. This rapid change in temperature is particularly apparent in the west coast up welling region where the surface water temperature can fluctuate between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius over a relatively short period.

(On the left) Our offices are within easy reach of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, including False Bay and Cape Point (Cape of Good Hope). Here our clients can make use of workshop, telephone, fax and internet facilities.

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2002 Emmy Award
Winner for Outstanding

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